Art Extra Credit

This list contains independent projects that you may choose to do for extra credit. You are limited to only two (2) of the following per quarter. I will look at your work and award points based on time, effort, craftsmanship and creativity. You must be caught up with your regular assignments before you are eligible for extra credit.

1. Museum Visit: Visit an art museum! Pick 1 work you liked the best and snap a photo of it (if allowed) and write a 1 page paper about what you like best. OR Write a 1 page paper about your visit; what you saw, did, liked/disliked, etc. For either option, be sure to turn in your ticket stub. Paper should be typed; Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, double spaced.
Possible art galleries include: Gallery Q., Riverfront Arts Center, The Edna Carlsten Gallery, or Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum.

2. Artist Masterpiece Paper: Critique an artwork of your choice. Write a 1 page paper discussing in your own words what you like/dislike about the art work. OR Compare and contrast two art works by the same artist, or different artists. Discuss how their styles differ or are similar. Be sure to include the picture of the artwork(s) selected. Paper should be typed; Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, double spaced.

3. The Fictional Plane: Pick a work of art (can be a painting, sculpture, drawing, etc) that shows an image of a place or event. You may choose to write a short 1 page fictional story inspired by it OR Redraw/Repaint the place or event and add your own elements to it (yourself, animals, fantasy creatures, etc). Drawing/Painting must be at least 9x12 in full color. Story should be typed; Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, double spaced.

4. Advertisement: Make an advertisement (flyer, brochure, or poster) to promote an upcoming art show of your favorite artist (dead or alive). Pretend he/she will have a special museum exhibit. Choose the dates that the exhibit is showing, and when the reception (party to congratulate the artist) will be. *See me about paper size.

5. Collage: Create your own collage! You may use personal photos, magazines, computer print outs, etc to put together a carefully designed piece that is at least 9”x12”. Your collage should have a clear theme and speak about your personal style.

6. Comic Strip: Create a detailed comic strip. Must be at least 5 panels long, and panels should be at least 3”x3”. Comic strip must have a narrative story and be your own creation! Can be in full color or 3 (black/gray/white) values. No stick figures!

7. Art ReDone: Pick a famous painting or drawing. You may either Recreate a masterpiece artwork of your choice OR Mess with an artwork image and make it completely different. You may choose to 1.) Pick a famous work from one style and choose an artist from a completely different style to “redo” the painting. (ex. Have Jackson Pollock redo the Mona Lisa) OR 2.) Pick a famous work from one time period and “update” it with another completely different time period/style. (Greek statue redone in Cubism) Draw, paint, or collage your “new” creation. You may ask me for help or advise on choosing the styles/ artists and how to go about rendering your new work. Artwork should be at least 9”x12”.

8. Art Industry Interview: Pick a job in the art industry (movies, theatre, graphic design, fashion, interior design, video game design, etc) and make contact with a person who used creativity and art in their work. Conduct an interview to find out about their job; what they do, how they got there in terms of education, how they use art in their everyday job, samples of their work, what is a typical day, describe their creative process, etc. After the interview, write a half page paper on what you have learned, and how (or if) it helped you decide what you want to do as career. Your paper should be typed; Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, double spaced. You may turn in your interview as a typed transcript, a tape recording, or a video. After the interview, please remember to thank the person and follow up by sending them a thank you card.

9. Poem/Song/Rap: Write a poem, song, or rap (with accompanying beat) that is inspired by a famous work of art. You may record a “demo tape” and/or submit the work in writing. Of course I will ask you to recite your wonderful work for the class. Please include a photo of your selected work with a caption of the artist, title, and year. *See me for time length.

10. Biography Film: (Group) Pretending you are a famous artist in history, you and a partner may create a short autobiography film. You might want to pretend you are being interviewed by “E! True Hollywood Story”, MTV, or even the 6:00 news. Make it fun and exciting, talking about you life, your art, and how being a famous artist has affected your life. Show lots of samples of your work. Try to add music, signs and props. The film should be at least 4-5 minutes long and be appropriate to show or perform in class. I would also like a copy of the script or any note cards/research info used. Have Fun!